Guirlande LED Grove

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Description : The Grove - LED String Light module is essentially an LED driver for the LED string lights included in the pack. Working voltage of the module is 3.3V/5V. However, the LED string lights require a working voltage of 12V. Therefore, this module uses a AIC1896 current mode step up DC-DC Converter to provide the requisite voltage to the LED string lights. The LED string light is 5 meters in length and has 50 RGB LEDs on it connected equidistant to one another. You can use these to dress a Christmas tree, light your party or to decorate your room. Used in conjunction with LED string lights LED String lights of 5 meters length included with the pack 50 RGB LEDs connected at equal distances along the entire length of 5 meters give a colorful appearance JST 2.0 Interface used to connect the LED String lights with the driver module Uses Standard 4-pin Grove Cables to connect to other Grove modules
Emplacement : A3 - Boite LED
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