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Voici le matériel de type "2.3- capteurs détecteurs mvt distance" actuellement disponible au Téléfab :

  • Infrared distance sensor (SHARP 0A41SK 4-30cm )

    SHARP 0A41SK 4-30cm Infrared distance sensor With Wire (GP2Y0A41SK0F)

    Constructeur : SHARP

    Référence : GP2Y0A41SK0F ??

    Datasheet : Télécharger

    Quantité : 2 (disponible : 2)

  • Infrared Proximity Sensor Short Range - Sharp GP2Y0A41SK0F

    Infrared proximity sensor made by Sharp. Part # GP2Y0A41SK0F has an analog output that varies from 3.1V at 4cm to 0.3V at 30cm with a supply voltage between 4.5 and 5.5VDC. The sensor has a Japanese Solderless Terminal (JST) Connector. We recommend purchasing the related pigtail below or soldering wires directly to the back of the module.

    Constructeur : SparkFun

    Référence : SEN-12728

    Quantité : 5 (disponible : 5)

  • Proximity/Light sensor (VCNL4000 )

    The VCNL4000 sensor is a nice way to add a small-distance proximity sensor to your microcontroller project. For longer distances (in the range of cm, you can use a SHARP IR distance sensor, but those are only good if the object is over 10 cm away. The VCNL4000 is designed for much shorter distances, no more than 200mm (about 7.5") and under our experimentation we found it worked best at distances of about 10-150mm. It would be good for say detecting when a hand moved nearby, or before a robot smacks into a wall. The sensor also has an ambient light sensor built in. This sensor is easy to use with any microcontroller that has i2c capability. It is 5 volt compliant so you can use it with 3.3V or 5V logic with no risk of damage. There is an onboard 3.3V ultra low dropout regulator so you can power it with 3.3 to 5.0V. However, if you can give it 5.0V that is ideal since the VIN voltage powers the IR LED and the higher the voltage you can give it, the more powerful it is.

    Emplacement : A3, petit tiroir

    Constructeur : FTDI Chip

    Référence : 466

    Quantité : 1 (disponible : 1)

  • Réflexion infrarouge

    This sensor uses an infrared emitted diode combined with an infrared phototransistor to detect the reflected infrared signal. Ideal for sensing black-to-white transitions or can be used to detect nearby objects (.5-1cm).

    Emplacement : A3

    Référence : QRD1114

    Quantité : 1 (disponible : 1)

  • Ultrason --Grove

    capteurs ultrason

    Emplacement : A3

    Constructeur : SeeedStudio

    Référence : SEN10737P

    Quantité : 5 (disponible : 5)

  • Ultrason émetteur/récepteur séparés

    description: transducteur ultrasonique - émetteur / Récepteur tension d'entrée max.: 20Vrms température de travail: -20°C à +85°C portée: 0.2 à 6m fréquence nominale: 40kHz sensibilité: -67dB min. pression sonore: 112dB min.

    Emplacement : A3-PT

    Référence : MA40A5S/MA40A5R

    Quantité : 4 (disponible : 4)

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